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How to choose a reliable seller?


When choosing Chinese products, it often happens that the same product is presented by several sellers at different prices. There are millions of individual sellers that sell many same or similar products.Therefore, we get a question whom to buy goods from.

Do not immediately choose the cheapest product. As a rule, new sellers with few sales and without experienced seller authority offer identical products with a lower price.

You need to pay attention to the following characteristics of the seller when choosing products:

Rating. It depends on successful sales by a Chinese seller. The higher the seller’s rating, the lower the risk to get problems with goods quality and their receipt.

Positive reviews. This indicator is calculated from the number of positive reviews of Chinese buyers who have already purchased goods from this seller.

Other indicators: how many years the seller has been working in the market, delivery, return and overall customer ratings. All these indicators also characterize seller’s work. The higher these indicators, the more reliable he is.

— Goods description and characteristics.
Typically, experienced and trusted sellers post a lot of product photos showing it from different angles. They also detail all product characteristics. The more detailed information they provide, the better.

Of course, our online store will check goods when they arrive at the warehouse. But we do check goods for compliance with the order and defects. Quality assessment is carried out only by the buyer. Be careful when choosing products!

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